Instead of introduction

  "When the theatre hall is full of spectators, and the curtains open, I remember Mowlana Rumi’s words:

     Eternity is our desert
     Our heart and soul do not find peace,
     A world is shaped inside the world, like in a mirror
     Which one is us, and which one is our reflection.

  The sound of Silence is the first and the greatest music of the world, divine music, the music of the universe. We were born from Silence and we shall disappear into Silence. Sounds of Silence are the sounds of our spiritual motherland. Here, on the stage, from the endless ocean of Silence, which abounds in pearls and precious sounds of harmony and music of poetry, we will call upon unfading words of the great Mowlana of Balkh. We, whom, like children in a desert of fear and nightmare are lost, we can lose our way and vanish...So, we will call upon Mowlana’s poems, his divine and cosmic poetry, and they will come to save us, just like a ship in an ocean. It will not let us vanish; it will bring us to a sanctuary and a long-wished for destination – UNITY."
                                                                                                      F. Qasim