Our brief history

    On January 1st 1990, the experimental city theatre for youth attached to Dushanbe Municipality, was established on the basis of Farroukh Qasim’s experimental theatre studio. On the 30th of the same month the very first play of this theatre staged by the art director of this theatre – “The Lost Josef will come back to Khanaan…” won the Grand Prize of the 1st Youth Theatres’ Festival of Central Asia, and in November it won the Grand Prize of “Nowruz-90”, the regional theatre festival.

    Farroukh Qasim became the winner of Abuabdollah Rudaki State Award of Tajikistan – the highest artistic award in the country, in the same year. From then on, Qasim’s plays gave a new direction to the establishment of Tajik national theatre, by its new style, music, rhythm and philosophy.

    Farroukh Qasim’s theatre drew inspiration from the civilizations of Central Asia, both Persian-language Islamic and pre-Islamic cultures, and its creativity is not limited to these parameters. Aharoun readily absorbs and adapts resources, methods, philosophical concepts and literary sources. As part of Aharoun's overseas performances in 2003, European audience saw a Tajik King Lear, in which Qasim added to Shakespeare's text, verses relating to a similar episode in the 10th century Shahname of Abolqasim Ferdousi.

   Farroukh Qasim passed away on February 7th, 2010, leaving behind a significant heritage for Tajik culture - a school of Tajik national theatre. His plays “Yousouf…”, “Esfandiar”, “Antichrist”, “Faridoun”, “Sheikh San’an” and “King Lear” won many regional and international prizes. In 2004 Qasim himself became the first ever Tajik artist given the International Prince Claus Award (Netherlands) in recognition for his exceptional achievements in the field of Culture and Development. Farroukh Qasim’s theatre-studio continues Qasim’s work by staging plays and training new actors and directors in a manner specific to “Aharoun”, in accordance with its own philosophy. It inspires people to believe in themselves and the invincibility of Beauty, Love and Art.