Critics about our performances

       «Purified us - the spectators - through the experience of emotional shock, and took us through the unbearable pain of loss - the director brought us to catharsis - a happy feeling of irreducibility of beauty, love and kindness, dissolved in the world. Therefore, the lost Josef will anyway “come back to Khanaan…»

       «Something unbelievable happens – “lapses into the infinite centuries open and hoary antiquity looks out at us from the dreamy wide open eyes of actors.»

       «The lost Josef will come back to Khanaan…” loudly declared about the process of establishment of national school of theatre directing in Tajikistan, which is ready to compete at any level.»

       «Farroukh Qasim must have a theatre or a theatrical studio which consists of like-minded people, who like him are unselfishly devoted to art.»

       «In ‘Esfandiar,’ fury, wrath and horror are moulded in forms of cruel and soul-frightening beauty. From the stage, a breath of untamed, unsmoothened and resisting East, spreads into the air.»